Enhanced Safety Measures in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Neuman's Kitchen has always adopted stringent safety practices.  In response to Covid-19 we have further incorporated enhanced safety measures to ensure ongoing focus for safety to our customers, clients, employees and partners. 

Please find a summary below:

Face Masks

Employees must wear a face mask at all times.

Social Distance

Employees must maintain a distance of at least six feet at all times from other employees, customers, clients and partners.

Sanitizing Products

All products must be sanitized according to the type of product prior to use.

Temperature Check

Employees must receive a minimum of two temperature checks daily.  The first temperature check is conducted upon arrival to the premises, with a secondary following within the next ten minutes.

Cover When Sneezing or Coughing

Employees must sneeze or cough into their arm and immediately wash hands with soap and water following.

Individual Packing

All food items must be packed individually.

Contactless Delivery

Food and delivery groceries arrive via contactless delivery.

Change in Condition

Employees must immediately report to their manager if feeling unwell, depart and seek medical help.

Hand Washing Frequency

Employees must increase their hand washing throughout the day.

Ongoing Safety Checks

The Neuman's Kitchen Safety Monitor must conduct ongoing and enhanced safety checks throughout the day to ensure employees, partners and other individuals follow the enhanced safety measures.

Daily Safety Meeting

Each morning at 10AM the entire team based on premise must participate in a safety meeting.

Your safety is important to us.  Should you have any questions please contact us at athome@neumanskitchen.com